Most Audacious Sinner

One of the joys of being a blog writer is that you very soon get connected with other writers out there and begin reading their own work and sharing comments, encouragement, posts and promotions among each other.   Sometimes you read a post and the “wish I’d written that” light goes off and you have to give them credit for turning an excellent phrase or two.   Sometimes you even read something that stops you in your tracks and hits your right between the eyes.  Such was the case a few weeks ago when I read the following:

“I am the most audacious sinner I know”

Those amazing and straight shooting words were penned by Tamara Lunardo over at her incredible blog Tamara Out Loud   I LOVE reading her work; it is full of both purpose and passion.  Plus, you have to love a blog that talks about issues such as sex, tattoos, marriage and faith all like you were sitting in her living room having a beer with your friend.  Tamara pulls no punches but she never beats you over the head with her posts.

 “I am the most audacious sinner I know”  at first reaction you might want to distance yourself from the honesty and pretend that perhaps she is that sinner, that someone other than you who surely has done worse things than you might have.  The proverbial “somebody somewhere” that you can shake your head at but never have to really deal with. Oh really?  Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves.  Are we all not just audacious sinners in need of equally audacious grace and forgiveness?  All of us have done things we are not proud of and if we were to shine the light of review deep into any of our closets there are all sorts of skeletons we would see.  That does not make any of us horrid or worse than another, it makes us real and human and broken before the Lord.

“For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard”  Romans 3:23  (New Living Translation)

But just as we all have sinned and fall sort, so too are all of us able to find forgiveness and redemption.  None of us are an accident.  We each have gifts and talents just waiting to be released and put to work in building the Kingdom.  We each are on this earth for a reason and a purpose. We can rejoice in knowing that while we have fallen short of God’s standard initially, he has given us a way to step forward into the renewed life of forgiveness and second chance that salvation provides.  The audacious grace of God covers and forgives us audacious sinners and sustains us on our faith journey.

Let’s all commit to moving to transforming our lives of audacious sinning to living in audacious grace.


About meicemen

Kind of ironic isn't it that you have to fit a few words about yourself into a small box..... I am so many things - a husband and father, an avid sports fan, coach, church planter in training. My blog A Million Points of Grace touches on many of these things that "make up me" and my Christian journey on this earth.
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