$33 Bucks

The national evening network news I watch (ABC) has been running a series on “Made in America” and tracing various products and companies that make things here in the “USA”.   With the coming of the Christmas and other holiday seasons they have recently been focusing on gifts that are “Made in America”.  Recently they issued a challenge for every American to spend just $67.00 on at least one gift that is made in the USA.   In doing so that collective buying power of $67 joined together with others will create the demand and market for thousands of new American based jobs, making American products.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support American products and American made companies, my own employer is a proud Made in the USA label user and I am willing to pay a little extra for that label in the products I buy.   However, the story got me thinking.   If $67 bucks will help save and even create American jobs, how much will help save a person’s life and help build the Kingdom of Heaven?

The answer is surprisingly less than you might expect.

According to the Samaritan’s Purse 2011 Gift Catalog  the following amounts can help a person in need both physically and spiritually in a developing part of the world:

$5.00 will provide a child with milk for a week.

$7.00 will provide a child with hot meals for a week.

$8.00 will fund the purchase of sports equipment like soccer balls for youth outreach work.

$9.00 will feed a newborn baby or its nursing mother with food for a week.

$10.00 will provide a mosquito net to a child in Africa.

$15.00 will teach a kid how to read and write.

$20.00 will provide 40 children with gospel booklets in their local language

$35.00 will fund the entire care needs (food, shelter, healthcare, education, etc) for an orphan in Uganda for an entire month.

$35.00 will provide AV and other equipment and training for a local outreach missionary in Cambodia.

$35.00 will provide food for an entire family for an entire month.

$35.00 will provide a family with enough honeybees to begin a hive.

$45.00 will provide 30 seedling fruit trees to a community or church to plant.

$50.00 will stock a fish pond for a village.

$60.00 will provide emergency medical response supplies for 50 people.

$75.00 will allow a child to be rescued out of child slavery/exploitation and given a chance at both freedom and a normal life

$100.00 will provide a water filtration system for a family to ensure they have clean drinking water.

The list goes on and includes gifts as large as $15,000.00 to build a church for a village but most of the items are like the list above.   The amounts may be small but the impact in immense.   $5.00 will provide a child with enough milk for a week; I spent more than that on my Chai latte a few days ago at that big national coffee chain.  My $5 investment only lasted me about 20 minutes but for the less than the cost of my drink I would help meet a child’s needs for a week?  I ask you which makes more sense.

So here is my challenge.   Can you find a way to devote $33.00 to helping another person on this planet live a better life and hear the Gospel of Christ this Christmas season?    I’ve picked $33 as that is the balance to reach $100.00.  We are quick to commit to the $67 for American made items as a great idea, but are we as quick to agree to $33 for people we don’t know and likely will never meet?  $33.00 this Christmas can literally save someone’s physical life and allow them to hear the eternal life saving message of the Gospel.  A small price to pay for the best gift of all don’t you think?

“The thief doth not come, except that he may steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.”   John 10:10  (Young’s Literal Translation)


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