He Will Sustain

I’ve been reading a lot of the Psalms these last few weeks.   David is a guy I get and can relate to.  He was a man with ambitions, talent and a clear creative and intellectual side.  He also struggled in his walk with God.   From joyous highs of close communion to the dark lows of depression and deep sin followed by forgiveness and restoration, David experienced it all.

Many of us tend to treat the Psalms as the poetry part of the Bible.  Like in our English textbooks in school with the long chapter on poetry, it was a section to be ignored if possible and endured only if required.  Let me tell you we’ve had it all wrong.

I’ve grown to love the Psalms.  They are not just good writing, they are good theology.

“I call to God; God will help me.
At dusk, dawn, and noon I sigh deep sighs—he hears, he rescues.
My life is well and whole, secure in the middle of danger, even while thousands are lined up against me.
God hears it all, and from his judge’s bench puts them in their place.”

Psalm 55:16-19a (The Message)


I love Psalm 55.  Written by David as he was under attack and dealing with the betrayal of a close friend and confidant and his enemies seemed to be closing in on him he did the only thing he could, he turned to God.   He knew that God was always present and always listening.   Every worry, every complaint, every fear, even the non verbalized sighs are all heard by God.  The GOOD NEWS translation uses the phrasing “…my complaints and groans go up to him….” in verse 17 which paints an even better picture for us.   When it seems darkest and we wish we could just escape and run away from the pressures of life or a situation, God is there and he is listening to us.  Even to our complaints, moaning, groaning and sighs, as the kind and patient Father he is, he is listening and he cares.

We need to remember to make God our first place we turn and not our last resort.  Verse 22 tells us “Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” (New American Standard).  That is a lesson that I will admit has been hard for me of late.

I’m tired of being unemployed, I’m tired of being the one left at home in the morning while my wife heads of to work, I’m tired of job application after job application being sent off.  I’m tired that my “dream job” hasn’t magically dropped from the sky with an amazing salary and killer benefits. But, like David I need to cast my burden upon the Lord and let Him sustain me.  Even as this job hunt takes longer than I’d like in my natural self, I need to remember that God in his supernatural self has a plan and timetable and I need to rest and trust in Him.

So when I am groaning and sighing over apparent lack of a help wanted ad or timely response to an application I have to remember to take a cue from David and not only is God listening to me, he already has it figured out.





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Kind of ironic isn't it that you have to fit a few words about yourself into a small box..... I am so many things - a husband and father, an avid sports fan, coach, church planter in training. My blog A Million Points of Grace touches on many of these things that "make up me" and my Christian journey on this earth.
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One Response to He Will Sustain

  1. Mel says:

    SUPER like this post. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your insight.

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