While There is Time

This has been a trying week.   Like so many I watched not only the events of the bombing at the Boston Marathon unfold, but also the explosion in West, Texas that claimed so many lives and brought such destruction. As a native New Englander I’ve walked that street in Boston, many years I’ve watched the race on television.  As a former corporate safety and risk manager the industrial explosion in Texas is a danger that I know very well and worked to prevent for many years.  In addition to the events here in America, the earthquakes overseas took many more lives and it was a long tiresome week with many questions and few answers.

To say it was a trying week for so many of us is an understatement.  However it is also a week of opportunity.

“Ergo dum tempus habemus operemur bonum”   Galatians 6:10a  (Biblia Sacra Vulgata “Latin”)

 “Therefore, while we have time let us do good”  Galatians 6:10a (Clark’s Paraphrase)

Trying and testing times provide us as Christians an opportunity to show the world our faith.  In changing times of uncertainty, our salvation is the constant.  We are called to minister, not just to the wounded and victimized, but to everyone.    While many of us would be quick to donate blood, or collect toys or blankets or even wear a ribbon in silent solidarity, our faith calls us to do so much more.  We are called to not only be the hands and feet of Christ, but also at times his shoulder for others to simply cry on, his hand for us to just be present and hold.  We are called to be available and accessible to help others find sense and meaning in times like this past week.

While many churches in Boston and Texas held prayer vigils, how many churches elsewhere in the country opened their doors for people to stop in and not only pray or mediate, but to ask questions (even the hard questions like “why” and “how come”) and find comfort and answers.  It shouldn’t take a natural disaster or major catastrophic event for the faith community to be awakened and mobilize.  We need to be visible and actively ministering to others each and every day.

“While there is time let us do good”.   

Friends, we are running out of time.   The events of this past week remind us that not only is life precious, but it is numbered and it is fleeting fast.

Dum tempus habemus operemur bonum.



Some people want to live

Within the sound of chapel bells

But I want to run a mission

A yard from the gates of hell

And with everyone you meet

I’ll take them the gospel and share it well

And look around you as you hesitate

For another soul just fell let’s run to the battle

Run to the battle

Do you have your armor on?

We’re in the middle of a raging war

We’ve been training for so long

Have we learned to use his sword?

We may not be ready but we serve a mighty lord

And he’s made us more than conquerors

So what are you waiting for? Let’s run to the battle

We’ve got to run to the battle

He has trampled down the enemy

And has given us the victory

When we pray we learn to see that his army

We are marching on our knees

There’ll be times when we grow weak

Let’s keep our faith alive

Let your faces shine with glory

For he’s helped us to survive

And in that final hour when you feel like you’re ready to  die

Will you hear the trumpet sound

Will you hear the warrior cry run to the battle

We’ve got to run to the battle

Run to the Battle – Steve Camp




About meicemen

Kind of ironic isn't it that you have to fit a few words about yourself into a small box..... I am so many things - a husband and father, an avid sports fan, coach, church planter in training. My blog A Million Points of Grace touches on many of these things that "make up me" and my Christian journey on this earth.
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