About Me

There are some things about me that your going to have to deal with.

I am a husband and father of three.  With God’s help I’m getting better at being both.

I am here because of grace.  Plain and simple.   It is because of second chances that I exist to write this, the biggest is the second chance God gives us.   Finally now at an age over 45 I get what that means.

I am all about relational ministry and messy grace.  Yes, I said messy grace, deal with it.

I am all about the Second Chance.

I am all about building the Kingdom of Heaven.

I Am Second.

I am Not a Fan and a Radical.

I absolutely love Philippians 2:3-5   I haven’t always been the best at applying that to my life in the past. With God’s grace I am now.

I like politics and I love God and I belive that it is possible to combine the two without sounding or acting like a hatemonger, deal with it.

I identify best (while still not completely) with the Evangelical Covenant Church, but I refuse to let a denominational label define me. I am unashamed to call myself a Christian and try to prove daily that the image most people have of what one is just might be wrong, deal with it.

I attend Life Church online as well as the occasional Roman Catholic Mass, deal with it.

I love books; both reading and writing.  I believe you should always use the best word for the situation even if that upsets or offends some people.  I’m not afraid of 4-letter words, deal with it.

I’d always rather be someplace warm.

I like beer with my barbecue, deal with it.

I watch may too much sports on TV and my wife calls my choice of teams highly questionable.  I root for the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Capitals and whoever is playing the NY Mets. Yes, I said the Falcons, deal with it.

Because of the above sports teams I have a great understanding for the book of Job………that was a Bible joke, deal with it.

I love college football, including the Big 10.  I think the BCS is still broken even with a playoff, deal with it.

I like Joel Osteen, deal with it.    I also like Brandon Hatmaker, David Platt, Andy Stanley, Greg Laurie, Craig Groeschel, Ken Copeland, Steven Furtick, and John Ortberg, deal with that also.

I’m about this thing called life and living it each and every day.

I am about trying to be one of a million points of grace, deal with it.


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